The Hostage

Man’s life is turned upside down in order to investigate a crime.

The Interrogation

Looking at a terrified man through a one sided morror isn’t always the easiest thing to do! It does in fact happen to be my job working for the FBI and it’s definitely not the first time I have been a witness to something so horrible. This time was extra special though and I’ll tell you why. It’s a long story and I haven’t quite introduced myself. I mean the only thing you know about me is that I work for the federal bureau of investigation. You would expect me to be mysterious and hide my identity but I want you to know who I am and I want you to know my story. My name is Jennifer Morgan! I have been with the fbi for 15 years 6 months and 16 days to be exact. I have seen a lot of crude, cruel, and unpleasant situations that would make a person sick to their stomach thinking about them. Things an average person couldn’t and wouldn’t even ponder or visualize sensibly. I want you to hear me out! I want you to listen to my cause and justify the real truth about this man. I want you to help me, share this story and get it out for more people. So they can recognize the symptoms of a sociopath in the works. Maybe they can stop some of the hellatious things they may do to others.

The story I am about to tell you has been with me for years and has stuck with me intollerably. There is not a day that goes by that this specific case does not enter my mind and bring the whole thing back to me again. Sometimes it’s the memories that you can’t live with. Sometimes it’s the actions of an individual that deeply scar you emotionally. The impact one person can make on your life is unbelievably enormous. Sometimes I dream about Josh! My dreams are so real that I wake up in a cold sweat and scared reaching for my side arm. Unaware that it is finally over and the man can no longer hurt anyone. My fear is that he gets released from holding and comes back to haunt my life! What little good part of me I have left would be lost forever.. that’s what scares the life out of me. What if? What if? I mean, What if, his next victim is me?

Josh Timith is the man behind the mirror, but before I go any further just remember how many memories he has imprinted into my mind and I’ll tell you what I know about him. From what we were able to trace back he led a very lonely childhood. He was abandoned from his mother at a real early age in his life. Left with his grand mother who was real abusive to him and shunned as an outcast to the family. With no friends and no one to play with as a child his mind was forced to make up his own rules and his own decisions. When he got old enough he started to see that everyone looked at him differently and started to notice how different he was from the rest. In his later teen years he realized how much smarter than everyone he was, finnishing tests without studying for them and passing them with flying colors. He graduated at an early age and got a full scholarship to Princeton. This was the college of his choice. The abuse as a child really does play a role on someone. It’s definitely not just something you can hide away and forget about. Years went by and this urge just started building up in him like a ticking time bomb. Then one after another the things started to happen and the memories started coming back to him. He found within himself an anger, a deep anger that wanted to find its way out. Which manifested inside like a swarm of bees in a nest waiting to be disturbed so it had someone or something to seek revenge upon.

So you know he had a messed up childhood and we will get back to his life a little bit later. I just wanted to give you some information that will probably be useful to you in determining his case. In Josh’s file we have a lot of criminal behavior but I wanted to point out a few of the charges that are being brought on him currently before I get to carried away or off topic here.

Number one is murder! The root of all evil! Not just any murder but a public murder in fron of a whole lot of people. People with eye witness testimony who are willing to testify in court! The body of Jane doe, unrecognizable from a gun shot blast to the face! No dental record to recover. The bullet entered onto the bottom jaw from the front and came out of the back of the kneck which was point of exit. Destroying anything and everything in it’s path including her teeth. The peculiar thing about it is she also had no prints! Tje seemed to be burned off! The mere mention of the woman sends him into a crazy mind set. Almost like he doesn’t remember it happening. The evil has hidden it away like it hadn’t even happened yet all of these people were watching him do it.

The second thing on his file that stands out to me is robbery! He stole 20 million from the company he worked for! The transferring evidence and account numbers are all here with his signatures and hand writing. Everything definitely points directly to our suspect and there is no doubt that it was him. There was also a closet at the crime scene where the body was found that had guns, a pair of gloves, a mask and a few other things we confiscated at the crime scene. with his DNA and prints all over them. We have enough to put this man away for a long, long time. The money was never discovered, it had all been withdrawn before we could investigate it as a crime and way before we had enough to bring him in for questioning. I want to Finnish that by saying there is a lot more where that came from and I’ll tell you all of it if you give me some more time.

I want to say that today on the contrary hasn’t been the most comfortable, or easiest days at the beauro. My morning started out with a phone call from my partner Tom Galloway! I wasn’t in the mood to hear from him this early in the morning because we all had a really late night. During the investigation we got word from one of the kidnapped victims who mysteriously disappeared. When me and one other investigator Jim wheeler, went to get her testimony and noticed she was missing. It looks like she had packed some of her things according to her nephew who had been staying with her. He says that some of her clothes, jewelry, and some other items were taken. Along with her suite case and a several personal items from the bathroom. It’s real obvious she left willingly or was it made to look like she did?

She was one of the witnesses from the funeral. We received a phone call at 12:30 pm on may 17 from a funeral home in a town in texas.. It was reported that someone had several people held up and barricaded inside.. it was a hostage situation that ended in a blood bath. When we arrived on scene the the doors were chained shut from the inside. Hostage negotiator Dave Ramsey had no luck getting control of the situation. In fact he couldn’t reach anyone with any demands at all.. 14 people and one deceased when we finally made entry. according to the sign in sheet everyone was accounted for. with his confessions on tape and written on paper, he was arrested at the scene. Everyone in the room was willing to give him up and make a statement putting him at fault for the whole thing. We have him in custody right now for questioning and he won’t say a word about the whole thing.